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Making your life a thing of art!

Making your life a thing of art!


More than just another portrait art service!

Our personalized art service is a bit different than others you might have run into over the years. The biggest difference, if you haven't noticed, is that we donate as much as we profit to local organizations around the country. However, there are many more reasons, which you'll learn about on this page.

We understand you can get stunning art and creativity from many places, so we're pleased you've stopped by to consider us. We've spent countless hours sourcing materials, working with local manufacturers, and networking with nonprofits. We hope our sincere ambition shows. We're a small family owned business, but are willing to pay it forward with our knowledge, skills and, of course donations.

Coming Soon... Frames...

You'll notice we haven't provided a frame option just yet, but we're working hard on it. We're picky about what we produce and offer our loyal customers. We want American made goodness from the best and most passionate manufacturers and craftsmen.

The good news is that we've found quality manufacturing and are working to have frame options by the first of the year. If you have questions or special orders, we can help so reach out.

" The care and love these folks put into every order is amazing, and rare! "

- July Laytin

" I would use this company even if they didn't donate to charity. "

- Ben Reynolds

" If you're looking for unique art from your own photos, this is the place! "

- Becky Chander

How it Works

Place an Order

Our easy order form gets all of your info, including your photos and charity selection. See photo guidelines.

Assigned to Artist

Once your order is placed, your project is assigned to an in-house artist. Artwork begins within the first day.

Review & Approve

Before your art is finalized, we'll email a digital proof to review. You'll give us minor changes, then approve.

Packed & Shipped

We'll ship the artwork in gift-ready packaging for you or someone special. Most orders arrive within 7-10 days.

Art Gallery

Our gallery of customer art is growing quickly. We'll continually find ways to show you our work. For now, we've placed original images on the right and final artwork on the left. Thanks for your interest.

Why Use Us?

Aside from donating 50% of product profits to the charity of your choice, we have a number of other reasons you should love us!

Free Shipping

We make sure not to surprise you at checkout with unpredictable shipping costs. We make things easy by removing them all together.

Custom Color

All of our artwork, even our Original Pet Art allows you to find a tint of color that will fit your decor. Select color options during your order.

Never Copied

Other companies reserve the rights to your personalized art in their fine print. We'll never resell, copy or reprint your art for any reason.

Read to Hang

All artwork comes ready to hang the minute it's delivered to a door step. We will be adding new hanging options in the very near future.

Customer Care

We want to make sure we're here to help if you have questions or issues. Our 800 number will always lead you to a real person for help.

Pure Quality

We take a lot of time to source materials, find manufacturers, and refining our process. We are always looking for ways to better our products.

Gift Friendly

All of our products are shipping with plush love and goodness. We're even adding some new great extras to each order coming in 2018.

Canvas Options

For no extra charge, you can have your choice of canvas types. Or, if you'd rather have your art on a Keepsake product, that is possible too.

Personalize It

If you haven't noticed, our Personalized Art is, well, personalized. We take your photo and make amazing art for you and others to enjoy.

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