About US

In short, Quality Breeds creates personalized, high quality, made in America lifestyle products that donate 50% of profits to local animal causes nationwide. That one sentence alone doesn’t capture all the love, energy, and thought we put into working with local animals orgs, developing exceptional products, and finding ways to support American workers and businesses. While Quality Breeds is a for-profit venture, it’s driven by passion and the want to give back. We’re constantly finding new businesses, artists , and animal causes to work with, so please reach out if you think there is an opportunity to be had.

American Made

We're proudly based in Denver, CO. Our Artwork is made here locally, while fabric products are made in North Carolina.

Family Operated

Quality Breeds has been owned, funded, and operated by the Toler family since day one. However, we want to grow...

Highest Quality

Products take time to source properly. All orders are inspected carefully by a team member before shipping to your home.

Local Support

Our goal is to support local communities through funding and various sponsorships.

Pure Passion

Quality Breeds was created out of a want to contribute directly and on a larger scale.

Limited Edition

All of the products we produce will be limited, and only available for a certain time or quantity.

Free Shipping

We're happy to offer no-hassle shipping to our customers living in the continental USA.

50% of Profits Donated

to local animal causes that you choose at checkout!

When we say local, we mean it..

We've spent a lot of time finding and communicating with no-kill shelters in literally every state across the country. Over time we'll add more and more organizations in cities and communities you live closer to. While national organizations are wonderful to support, they get large amounts of exposure and donations. Most independent charities don't get that type of continual, nationwide support, so we're trying to help. Support our efforts by recommending a local org in your community.

See our donation reporting .

Why Use Us?

There is no comparison to service and quality.

  • Original Artwork - Many talk about “handmade” art done “stroke by stroke”, but they’re still making it digitally with endless shortcuts. We make no bones about it, we use all sorts of tools to create your art. Nonetheless, it’s original art and when completed looks no different.
  • Quick Turnaround - We’ve worked hard to build a business model that gets you personalized high-quality products quickly. Typically, products will be on a doorstep within 6 days, but there are exceptions. Depending on the product, some may show up between 8 and 10 days.
  • Community Focused - We love building a business, but building relationships always wins. We reach out regularly to community orgs to find ways to do more. Sure, we sell art and lifestyle products that donate 50% of profits, but we show it in other ways.
  • Customer’s Choice - Aside from having well sourced, high quality products, we’ve made it possible for you to select the donation destination. At checkout every shopper chooses a charity or writes one in. If one is not provided, we give to the charities most in need.
  • Free Shipping Always - Until drones and personal aircraft arrive, we’ll continue to have the same delivery system in place for some time. With that said, we want to make it easy and as affordable as possible to enjoy our products and personalized pet art.
  • Decor Colorization - We incorporate your color requests so artwork fits with the desired home or office decor. While we can’t match colors exactly due to printing processes, our colorization service will produce a design-friendly result any interior designer would be thrilled with.
  • Mindful Gifting - Most just sell artwork, not an experience. We understand that many buy for themselves, but many more buy for others. With this in mind our packages show up to doorsteps ready to please. Feel good messages, surprises for the dog, and more.
  • Tracked Donations - We are a for-profit company, however, we pride ourselves on donating 50% of all profits (pre-expense) to local charities nationwide. We publish donation reports each quarter to the public. We’ve also made it possible to track your donation.
  • Customer Service - Started, funded and operated by a mother and son team, Quality Breeds is built on strong relationships and values. We carry those values through the company from product creation, to our hands on approach to customer service.
  • Insider Network - As a customer, we do more than send recurring emails with discounts, we send true value. With ways you can help your local pet population, to joining together in-person for community events and animal outreach.