Improve your holiday experience this season and gift with more meaning, especially if you're gifting artwork.

Life offers us so many ways to create memories. From our family and friends, to our homes and pets, we’re making memories even when we don’t realize it. When it comes to the holidays, feelings are intensified greatly, which makes our experiences so much more meaningful. And, when those experiences are also heightened by gift giving, it’s important to give even more consideration to the memory making aspect.

To be clear, gifting comes in two forms in most cases. The first is a basic gift that anyone can expect to receive or give, from greeting gift cards to clever t-shirts. For these gifts it’s more about the thought than the actual gift itself. You’ll most likely be giving to co-workers, rarely seen family, and those weekend friendships. While personalized art can be given in these cases it can come across as too personal as well.

However, the second type of gift is one that is much more personal and meaningful. For these, it’s not only the thought that matters, but the gift as well (even if we don’t admit it). If you’re giving to a significant other or parent, these types of gifts tend to mean more due to the relationships and experiences you've had together. These gifts require more thought and emotion to become more than just another gift. You want a gift that capitalizes on the moment and time you’ll share, and that means more than the actual object itself.

Wall art provides a wonderful connection to the heart and imagination. If the one you're gifting loves animals and/or art, our growing collection of original pet art is second to none.

For us here at Quality Breeds, we pay a lot of attention to this deeply human emotion of gifting. One of the reasons we do what we do is because we love helping create those moments that mean so much for others like you. Whether you shop with us for your dog art and products or find great items elsewhere, there are a few things you might think about before buying just any dog lover gift, or wall art. Here are 5 ways to make your gift giving better...

1) First Impressions - Everyone talks about first impressions being so important, and for wall art and other gifts it’s no different. However, if you’re buying for a coworker or someone close, make sure you’re not using your first impression reaction to make a quick buying decision. While it’s important you react to a piece of art or product with enthusiasm and emotion, think about the giftee more than yourself in that moment. In other words, take a minute to digest the gift and give it some fair consideration not based on knee-jerk desires.
    2) Get Perspective - We’ve all had grandparents that say something like, I thought that sweater would look great on you. And, while the thought is always wonderful, they were really buying for them innocently. Grandma could care less if she had ever seen you in a sweater, nonetheless it’s what she thought was good for you. And, grandpa could care less if your daily interest was riding your bike, he’d still buy you something car related because that’s what he knows about. Now, our grandparents may get a pass due to seniority, but the rest of us don’t have that excuse for the ones we love. It’s important to keep their likes in mind so you don’t buy what you think they should like.

      3) Installation Needs - Wall art can be extremely easy to hang, and in other cases can be a pain in the ass. If you’re buying artwork for older folks, consider how they’ll hang it, move it, and otherwise enjoy it. Buy something that you know will fit on their wall, and don’t assume they’ll want to make space. These additional pain-points to gifting art can make the gift feel more like a new requirement rather than just being gratifying. Don’t make someone work for their gift; they should only be enjoying it. While our art is ready to hang, you may need something more sturdy depending on the installation needs. In some cases you may want the art framed to match the decor and other interests, which will add weight and require a better hanging application.

      4) Pro Considerations - Some say, put yourself in their shoes, to try and promote an alternative perspective. However, most don’t have the imagination to do that on the fly at any given moment. Instead, consider these approaches for even better gifting results.

      • Consider Lifestyle - Is there a hobby or theme they seem to use time and time again in their life, from their car to their living room? Basic gifts would consist of things like sports teams, favorite animals, and more that might help with those basic themes. A meaningful gift, however, would consider deeper observations. For instance, are they fond of wall art, trinkets, or specific items? How does the person you’re gifting live? Do they seem to value and showcase family photos, past memories, or a specific memory? What types of material do they love to wear or use in their home? Do they like bright colors or darker colors? Is their decor old world, modern, or etc? These are the deeper questions you might ask when thinking about gifting to those that mean more to you.
      • Consider Quality - If the person you’re gifting to values affordability over quality, then high-end wall art might not be the right gift for them. If they have nice electronics, kitchen accessories and decor, it’s safe to say they would appreciate great artwork. If they’re dirty and messy rather than clean and tidy, you may ask some sneaky questions, or peek to see if they have art already, and how it’s being maintained. If they’re not into wall art or you question their interest, it’s best to find something you know they’ll enjoy. Again, don’t push something on them you think they should like; cater to the giftee.

      5) Details matter - Lastly, don’t just get a frame that matches their decor (which is a great first step), pay attention to the wood/materials the frame is made of. They may have a wood or material preference that will add even more value to your gift. Or, if they love the Fall season most, you might make sure your gift has a piece of Fall represented somewhere either in the art or in the framing. If they’re going through a hard time in life, a friendly message of meaning can accompany an inspiring piece of art to make all the difference. In other words, find related topics and interests the person likes, and couple that with something that is function or practical. It shows them that you not only pay attention to what they like, but that you found a gift that will add value to their life.

      In the end, gifting isn’t hard if your heart is in it, well except for those last minute buyers that have time against them. It shouldn’t be a chore, it should be a desire for those you love most. The world is saturated with cheap products and gadgets we all seem to love, and we seem to increasingly forget about the meaning. This holiday season, take time to understand and care more about the details and interests of those you’re gifting to.

      The following video might help if you have access to your recipient's home. You can see where there might be some areas to slide a nice art piece in without making them move things to accommodate it.

      Make it great!


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