If you have been in the market for a portrait or personalized art service, you might have noticed how popular it has become. If you haven’t, now you know. And, like anything else in the world, not all services are created equal. For instance, some say they’re producing fine art, even though it’s being done in a production arrangement under a deadline. One-off art and fine art are not the same thing. As a veteran marketer, I appreciate their positioning. As a lifelong creative, I know the difference between fine art and commercial art.

But, you know what? Who cares… With art for everyday decor, it’s all about the result not the process. That’s why art is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes art is a pile of dog poop on a pedestal in the art district, and other times it’s a multi-million dollar Van Gogh from over a century ago. It’s very subjective. We understand not everyone will appreciate our work and services, and that’s to be expected.

We make no bones about it, we’re a commercial art studio. We use commercialized tools and business savviness to create one-off art for customers. It’s one of the primary ways we’re able to donate 50% of our profits, offer free shipping, and keep the lights on while still making everything here in the U.S. True fine art can cost thousands of dollars and take weeks if not months to complete. There are no revisions, requests or deadlines; it’s fine art.

While we certainly won’t dog the competition, total pun intended, there are some clear differences to consider. As stated and clearly known, art is in the eye of the beholder… As with anything some will fall in love with our one-off services, while others will wonder elsewhere. No hurt feelings, that’s business. However, for those that do find us of interest, here are 15 reasons we stand out over the competition...

  1. 50% of Profits Donated - We’ll of course start off with this cause-driven reason. We truly donate 50% of all profits, before expenses, to charities nationwide. While this is a great tagline for marketing, it’s sincerely the main reason the company was started.
  1. Tracked Donations - With the above said, many will wonder and question our legitimacy concerning our 50% donation-based business model. Not to worry, we’re happy to be transparent with the public, customers and of course our nonprofit organizations. Every order invoice number that allows you to find your donation amount once we’ve posted our reports.
  1. Community Focused - It’s not just about the funds we help raise for local animal causes near you, it’s also about working with community events, businesses, and municipalities to contribute in other ways. With business and marketing backgrounds, we’re will to help.
  1. Pure Quality Products - We have taken months to source U.S. based manufacturers, business services, and more to power our venture. Canvas and paper products are produced in Austin, while art is created and mounted in Denver. We produce fabrics in North Carolina.
  1. Customer Service - We’re no different than you really. We all have issues with companies we use. While we all make mistakes, the important thing is what you do after. And, generally that always has something to do with poor customer service. We promise different.
  1. Never Copied Artwork - Our personalized art is never reproduced for any reason. Make sure you check the fine print of others to make sure they don’t retain the rights to reproduce, share, sell, and more. While this may not bug some, it offends others.
  1. Free Shipping, Always - We’ve worked hard to cut shipping costs and stream line our shopping experience. The number one reason people leave a full cart is due to unexpected shipping cost. This is for those folks inside the contiguous states.
  1. Gift Ready Packaging - Sure, we could toss some plastic around your art, stick it in a box, and ship it. However, that isn’t what we like to do. We realize gifting is about the experience, not just the gift itself. Everything we send is plush and ready to gift. Read this article about how to gift art.
  1. Custom Coloring Options - How many times have you seen a wonderful picture but didn’t have a place to put it? Well, we help this decor designing issue by offering standard color options, as well as letting you select a custom color yourself.
  1. Museum Canvas Options - We offer the same standard canvas options that you’d find elsewhere, however, we’ve added the Breathing Color Metallic canvas to our options for no extra charge. This stunning finish a showstopper for that art you love.
  1. Always Ready to Hang - Unless you purchase a Rolled version of your art, we always offer the cable or hardware needed to hang on your wall. We’ll continue this as we begin to feature new options, like frames and styles. All you need is a nail in theory!
  1. Artwork Turnaround Time - We work fast… And we should as a commercial studio. Plus, we want to be competitive and provide quick service to you. With that said, as long as a project goes as planned, personalized artwork is done on a doorstep with 10 days.
  1. Digital Artwork Experts - We’re a commercial studio, not a fine art studio. While we’re planning a traditional fine art service for those that request it, none of our current work is painted by hand. 95% of our work is create digitally in a number of ways by experienced artists.
  1. Unique Personalized Art - If you haven’t guessed, we do personalized products. Wall art is one of the first and most demanded products. Unlike other companies that just do portraits, we do artistic expressions and modifications to your photos to make then fit your lifestyle and decor.
  1. No Deep Discounts Offered - We’re not a clearing house, and we don’t sell products made from overseas. Our products are worth more than a $20 bill. If that is what you’re looking for, Amazon and plenty of others have wonderful products we can’t compete with. Not every space requires high-end personalized artwork. However, if you support American small business, animal welfare, and community engagement, a few extra bucks on your art starts to justify itself.

We know there are plenty of others out there that have a wonderful service. We’re trying to be more than a product, and like to say we offer responsible consumerism. We hope you consider some of our tips on helping the animal population and support our cause.

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